Subject: Decision 734/2021. Decision assessing the competitive conditions and the effectiveness of the commitments undertaken by ATTICA GROUP (“ATTICA”) under Decision No. 658/2018 of the Hellenic Competition Commission (“HCC”), in order to withdraw or extend, in whole or in part, the commitments under sections B1-B3

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Subject: Statement of objections on the request put forth by DEPA COMMERCIAL S.A. for review of the third Commitment undertaken by the company, under HCC Decision No 551/VII/2012, as amended by Decisions No. 589/2014, 596/2014, 618/2015, 631/2016 and 651/2017.


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Friday, 10 November 2017 13:48

Decision 651/2017

Decision on the acceptance by the Competition Commission of the proposal of DEPA S.A. amending the commitments adopted by Decision no. 551/2012, as amended and in force with Decisions nos. 589/2014, 596/2014, 618/2015 and 631/2016, regarding the program of distribution of natural gas quantities through electronic auctions.

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