The Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) has put in place the most technologically advanced anonymous information system (whistleblowing), through which you can share your valuable information, fully securing your anonymity.

Internal information to which you have access, for example because of your position, can assist us to uncover cartels or other anti-competitive practices, proceed swiftly and effectively with our investigations and directly benefit the Greek economy and consumers, thanks to your help.

If you have any information about*:

  • collusive tendering and bid-rigging;
  • price-fixing for products/services;
  • market sharing/customer allocation;
  • limitation or control of production, markets or technical development;
  • foreclosure of competitors and exclusion of products from the market, etc.; 
  • anti-competitive behaviors by dominant undertakings that impose unfair prices or unfair trading conditions;
  • infringements involving unfair trading practices by undertakings with considerable bargaining power in business-to-business relationships in the supply chain (e.g. for agricultural and food products as well as other consumer goods)

or any information that might be helpful to the HCC’s work, send your message by clicking on the icon below.

Ανώνυμη Παροχή Πληροφοριών


* For full details, read the brochure HCCs Digital Services and for more information on unlawful practices and the HCC’s powers, please refer to the HCC’s webpage “Learn about us”. It is recalled that information and the submission of applications for Leniency by undertakings, under the Leniency Programme, is available here.