Ioannis Stefatos

Commissioner-Rapporteur, Member of the Board


Stefatos Ioannis

Giannis Stefatos is an economist, holding a Bachelor’s degree from the Economic University of Piraeus, Economics Faculty oriented in macroeconomics and also holding a Post graduate degree in Businesses Administration (MBA) from the University of Patras, Business Administration Faculty. 

He was worked since 2004 in the private sector in commercial and industrial companies as an accountant and a financial controller, conducting costing and pricing analysis, fixed capital assets accounting, warehouse ledger book-keeping compliance, monitoring Greek code of books and records and Chart of Accounts compliance and preparing, controlling, reporting monthly financial statements under I.F.R.S. and I.A.S. of subsidiaries companies at the level of a mother group of companies. Since 2011 Giannis Stefatos has been working as an Economist in the Hellenic Competition Commission, as a case handler for various competition cases but mostly from 2013 in the competition advocacy field as a seconded competition expert assigned from the Hellenic Competition Commission to OECD’s three projects of Competition Assessment of Laws and Regulations (toolkits) of various sectors of the Greek Economy (i.e. tourism, construction, wholesale, manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products, chemicals rubber tourism, retail trade, food processing) in order to identify unnecessary regulatory restrictions to competition and propose changes in the laws to stimulate economy-wide growth to the Greek Government. He has also provided technical assistance for the legal implementation of the proposed relevant recommendations to the OECD (DAF COMP) and the European Commission (DG-ECFIN) and also has provided technical assistance to OECD (DAF COMP) and the Portuguese Competition Authority (ADC) for the Project of Competition Assessment of Laws and Regulations in Portugal ( in the field of transports and closed professions) during 2017-2018 and lastly in OECD’s Project of Competition Assessment of Laws and Regulations in Tunis (in the field of retail and agricultural products).

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