Monday, 20 June 2022

Press Release – Competition Guide for Associations of Undertakings 

Subject: Competition Guide for Associations of Undertakings

The Hellenic Competition Commission (“HCC”), consistently providing information and raising awareness among the public and undertakings, presents an updated “Guide for Associations of Undertakings” with the information they need, in order to avoid potential anti-competitive conduct.

The Guide, which serves as a "code of conduct", emphasises that, since associations of undertakings provide a platform for communication between undertakings competing on the market, they should adopt a cautious course of action in terms of compliance with competition rules.

For clarity reasons, the Guide’s material was organised into short sections with questions and answers. In this context, examples are provided from cases that the HCC has handled in the past which are, however, only indicative and non-exhaustive as to the existing administrative practice of the HCC and the European Commission as well as the case-law of Union courts on the application of competition rules to associations of undertakings.

As acknowledged in the Guide, both the associations and their representatives should keep in mind that their actions may violate competition law to the extent that they can disrupt the smooth functioning of the market, in particular by seeking to establish a unified conduct among their members, as well as other parties.

It should be noted that competition law does not only apply to undertakings - members of these associations. The associations themselves, in so far as they are engaged in economic activities, are also subject to the obligations arising from competition rules.

It is worth noting that, through the HCC dedicated Whistleblowing System, you can share your valuable information on any anti-competitive practices and/or conducts while fully ensuring your anonymity.

The Competition Guide for Associations of Undertakings is available here (in Greek).

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