Tuesday, 03 August 2021

Press Release - Sector Inquiry in the Waste Management and Recycling Sectors

Subject: Sector Inquiry by the Hellenic Competition Commission in the Waste Management and Recycling Sectors in specific categories of waste – Launch of Public Consultation.

The Hellenic Competition Commission (“HCC”), taking into account the economic importance of the waste management and recycling sectors in Greece and their contribution to sustainable development objectives, as well as the need to ensure their proper functioning and efficient operation, has initiated by decision on 16.7.2021 a Sector Inquiry in the Waste Management and Recycling Sectors in specific categories of waste, exercising the respective powers conferred on it pursuant to Article 40 of Law 3959/2011.

A more detailed overview of the feasibility and the subject of this inquiry can be found here . 

As part of the first phase of this sector inquiry, we are announcing the start of a public consultation, inviting any interested party to provide comments and positions/views regarding the conditions of competition in the wider relevant sector in Greece. Those interested can take part in the public consultation on a live basis, by participating in the relevant video conference organized by the Hellenic Competition Commission within October 2021, and/or by submitting their views in writing, in the form of a memorandum. For more information on the objectives, feasibility and scope of the sector inquiry into the Waste Management and Recycling Sectors in specific categories of waste, please visit the Hellenic Competition Commission's relevant website  for this sector inquiry, where you may find information regarding ways/possibility of participation in the aforementioned public consultation. 

In addition, on the relevant website of the Hellenic Competition Commission, citizens and organizations can:

For any issue you can contact us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your name, your capacity and contact phone number.

Regarding any media contact with the Secretariat of the President, Vice President and Commissioners-Rapporteurs of the Hellenic Competition Commission, please call 210 – 8809202/203.

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