Tuesday, 07 April 2020

Launch of public consultation of sector inquiry into basic consumer goods

Sector Inquiry into production, distribution and marketing of basic consumer goods and in particular food products as well as cleaning and personal hygiene products - Launch of public consultation

The Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) within its relevant competences and aiming  to thoroughly analyse and investigate the conditions of competition prevailing in critical sectors of the economy, conducted a sector inquiry into production, distribution and marketing of basic consumer goods and in particular food products, as well as cleaning and personal hygiene products.

The sector inquiry focused on eleven (11) product categories, namely: (1) cured meat products, (2) soft drinks - ready-made tea - energy drinks - sodas, (3) powdered laundry detergents, (4) yogurt and yogurt desserts, (5) cereals for breakfast, (6) pasta, (7) coffee, (8) legumes, (9) feta cheese, (10) toilet paper and (11) sliced bread.

For more details on the scope and objectives of the sector inquiry, please visit the HCC’s webpage dedicated to the sector inquiry into basic consumer goods, where you can read the executive summary of the inquiry's Interim Report as well as to find specific information regarding your participation in the public consultation.

Moreover, the “basic consumer goods sector nquiry” dedicated website, companies, citizens and institutions may:

  • stay informed on the progress of the sector inquiry, here Latest Updates, as well as on the applicable administrative timetable, here Timeframe
  • find answers to their questions, here Q&As
  • obtain information on procedural matters before the HCC, here Procedural matters.

For any issues related to the sector inquiry, please contact the HCC by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., giving your name, capacity and contact telephone number.

Media representatives may also contact the Office of the President, Vice-President and Commissioner-Rapporteurs by phone at (+30) 210 – 8809202.

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