December 2022

Expanding the boundaries of Competition Law



Expanding the boundaries of Competition Law

The webinar focus on the recent reform of Greek competition law regarding the new provision Article 1A of Law 3959/2011 on invitations to collude and/or price signaling. We are discussing the significance of this reform and link this to the ongoing effort to expand the boundaries of competition law in other jurisdictions regarding equivalent behavior, such as Section 5 FTC Act and /or Article 32f GWB.


00:02:29 - Ioannis Lianos, President of the Hellenic Competition Commission

00:10:01Joseph E. Harrington, Professor, Chair, Dept of Business Economics & Public Policy The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

00:27:34 - Florian Wagner-von Papp, Professor for Private and Economic Law, Helmut Schmidt University of the Armed Forces

00:51:42 - Giorgio Monti, Professor of Competition Law at Tilburg Law School

01:05:26 - Richard Whish, Emeritus Professor of Law at King's College London

01:23:40 - Spencer Weber Waller, Senior Adviser to the Chair, Federal Trade Commission. Professor (on leave), Loyola University Chicago School of Law

01:36:58 - Closing Remarks

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