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Subject: Official launch of HCC’s Sandbox Platform for sustainability on Monday 3/10/2022

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Subject: Public Consultation: Proposal for the creation of a sandbox for sustainable development and competition in the Greek market

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Subject: Technical Report on Sustainability and Competition

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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Issue 3

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Subject: Initiative "Competition Law and Sustainability" – Digital Conference

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HCC's Initiative about Competition Law and Sustainability - Public Tele-Conference

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Subject: HCC initiatives in relation to sustainable development in the context of effective competition

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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Competition Law & Sustainability

At a time when the phenomenon of climate change becomes more acute, the need to accelerate the transformation of the Greek economy becomes urgent, through the adoption of environmentally friendly actions for the benefit of consumers and citizens, but also as a means for enhancing the competitive advantage of businesses. The aim is to adapt the Greek business environment to the context of a prosperous green, without restrictions, economy by adopting green and technologically advanced solutions. After all, environmental protection in Greece is a constitutional obligation of the State as defined in Article 24 of the Greek Constitution.


Communication with the sector inquiry team

Communication with the sector inquiry team into health services

For any question you want to ask about the sector inquiry and for more information, contact us by the following email address medinsur@epant.gr or directly the inquiry team:

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