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Decision 750/2021

Settlement Decision following the relevant Statement of Objections (SO) under Ref. No 7608/21.9.2021, pursuant to Article 25a of Law 3959/2011 and Decision No 704/2020 of the Hellenic Competition Commission (“HCC”) on the ex-officio investigation of the Directorate-General for Competition (hereinafter DGC) in the market for the installation and maintenance of elevators for possible violation of Article 1 Law 3959/2011.

Decision 750/2021
File (PDF) Decision 750/2021
Date of Issuance of Decision October 21st, 2021
Issue Number of Government Gazette 

Publication pending

Relevant Market Provision of services relating to the installation/maintenance/modernisation of elevators in the prefecture of Attica
Subject of the Decision Indirect price fixing / Constraints on advertising, 
Legal Framework

Article 1 L. 3959/2011 

Settlement procedure (article 25a L. 3959/2011 and HCC Decision No 704/2020)

Operative part of the Decision Finding of infringement and imposition of a fine and behavioral remedies
Complainant(s) Ex-officio investigation
Company(ies) concerned “Association of professionals active in the installation and maintenance of elevators (“SESA”)”
Summary of Decision

The Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC), in plenary, unanimously adopted Decision No 750/2021, according to the simplified Settlement Procedure (Article 25a of Law 3959/2011 and Decision No 704/2020), following the settlement submission by the Association of professionals active in the installation and maintenance of elevators (“SESA”).

The Decision was adopted in the context of the above simplified procedure, following an expression of interest for submission to settlement procedure by SESA and a relevant written final admission of the infringement found. Following the Settlement procedure and according to the grounds of the Decision, the HCC imposed on SESA a reduced fine amounting to € 5,703.69 for the infringement of Article 1 of L. 3959/2011, (indirect price fixing and interventions on the advertising activity of the association’s members).

The HCC has also imposed a series of corrective/ behavioral remedies on the Association in order to inform its members and the general public and to strengthen competition in the sector of  installation and maintenance of elevators.

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Decisions by the Administrative Court of Court of Appeal of Athens -
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