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Decision 742/2021

Decision on the Settlement Proposal under ref. no. 6098/16.7.2021, pursuant to article 25a of Law 3959/2011 and HCC  Decision no. 704/2020, adopted in Plenary, on the ex-officio investigation of the Directorate-General for Competition into the relevant market of chemical toilets, for possible infringement of the provisions of articles 1 of Law 3959/2011 for the “Protection of Free Competition”, as in force, and 101 TFEU, following the settlement submissions by the companies i) “ΤΟΙ ΤΟΙ (HELLAS) S.A.”, ii) “Europrise Environmental LTD”, iii) Dragonas, A.F., Sole Shareholder Co. Ltd”, iv) “ALBA TEXTILE AGENCY” and v) “NEILOS RECYCLING S.A.”.

Decision 742/2021
File (PDF) Decision 742/2021
Date of Issuance of Decision August 5th, 2021
Issue Number of Government Gazette 
Relevant Market Leasing, supply and service provision regarding the installation, removal, cleaning and general management of chemical toilets market
Subject of the Decision  Settlement procedure
Legal Framework

 Article 1 of L. 3959/2011-Settlement Procedure (article 25a of law 3959/2011 and HCC Decision 704/2020)

Operative part of the Decision Finding of infringement and imposition of fines
Company(ies) concerned  
  2. Europrise Environmental LTD
  3. Dragonas, A. F., Sole Shareholder Co. Ltd
Summary of Decision

The Hellenic Competition Commission, unanimously, found an infringement of article 1 of Law 3959/2011. The decision was issued following the relevant settlement submissions by the parties. The above companies, in pairs, entered into horizontal agreements with a view to implementing a bid-rigging and market sharing scheme prior to the submission of financial bids,determining the lowest bidder for the provision of services, concerning in the installation, removal, cleaning and general management of chemical toilets, to public sector entities and private entities. The HCC imposed reduced fines for the infringement found, namely a fine totaling EUR 60,078.0 on ΤΟΙ ΤΟΙ (HELLAS), EUR 52,942.0 on Europrise Environmental LTD, EUR 13.259,0 on Dragonas, A. F., Sole Shareholder Co. Ltd, EUR 72,954.0 on ALBA TEXTILE AGENCY and EUR 258.0 on NEILOS RECYCLING S.A. (Total amount of fines: EUR 199,491).

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