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Decision 528/2011

Decision on a complaint forwarded to HCC on 07.05.2007 by the Ministry of Commercial Shipping, of the  Hellenic Army General Staff/4th Staff Office/2st, against the shipping companies “NIKI SAMOTHRAKIS SHIPPING COMPANY” and "MARE MARTIME COMPANY S.A." for potential abuse of dominant position through excessive pricing, pursuant to provisions of article 2 of L. 703/1977, as in force.

Decision 528/2011
File (PDF) Decision 528/2011
Date of Issuance of Decision

September 29th , 2011

Government Gazette Issue No
Relevant Market

Maritime transport services

Subject of the Decision

Abuse of Dominant Position- Excessive Pricing

Legal Framework

Article 2 of L. 703/1977

Operative part of the Decision

Not finding of an infringement.


Hellenic Army General Staff

Company(ies) under investigation

Summary of Decision

By its Decision, the competent Chamber of the Hellenic Competition Commission decided unanimously and rejected the above complaint, considering that there is no abuse of dominant position of article 2 of L. 703/1977, as in force, as there was no proof of excessive pricing. 

In particular, from the analysis of the data assessed in the Decision, it is clear that: a) the fare rates charged for the same type of vehicles for the routs of the investigated companies, are not very high and b) their final prices do not differ from the prices of the shipping companies that operate in respective lines/routs, under conditions of competition.

Judicial Means -
Decisions by the Court of Appeal of Athens (Administrative Division)


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