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Decision 550/2012

Review of the complaint (under ref. no 5008/7.8.2006) lodged by the company named “IRON TENCO S.A.” against the company named “A. LIANOS IRONS – CEMENT – BUILDING MATERIALS S.A.” concerning an alleged infringement of Articles 2 and 2a of L. 703/77 (GGΑ΄ 278/26.9.1977), as it was in force, following the issuance of the Referral Decision No 2930/2010 of the Athens Court of Appeal, concerning HCC Decision No 442/V/2009 on the above complaint.

Decision 550/2012
File (PDF) Decision 550/2012
Date of Issuance of Decision

October 16th, 2012

Issue Number of Government Bulletin
Relevant Market

Steel products

Subject of the Decision

Abuse of a Dominant Position

Legal Framework

Article  2 of L. 3959/2011

Operative part of the Decision

No finding of infringement



Company(ies) concerned


Summary of Decision

On 7.8.2006, the company under the name “IRON TENCO S.A.” (hereinafter referred to as IRONTENCO) lodged a complaint against “A. LIANOS IRONS – CEMENT – BUILDING MATERIALS S.A.”( hereinafter referred to as LIANOS), for an alleged infringement of articles 2 and 2α of L. 703/1977, as it was in force, while, on 2.3.2007, it also filed a request for interim measures, which was rejected as inadmissible.

Subsequently, the Hellenic Competition Commission adopted Decision no. 442/V/2009, by which the above complaint was rejected by a majority, as legally and factually unfounded. Following the issuance of the above Decision, the Deputy Minister of Development forwarded to the Hellenic Competition Commission information that the company IRON TENCO had submitted to the Ministry of Development and requested that the case be fully investigated, pursuant to article 9 par. 1 of Law 703/1977. IRON TENCO also submitted a request for revocation of the above Decision, which was rejected by the HCC Decision no. 479/VI/2010. Furthermore, IRON TENCO filed an appeal before the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal against Decision no. 442/V/2009, requesting its annulment.

By its ruling no. 2930/2010, the Administrative Court of Appeal annulled the said Decision on procedural grounds and referred the case back to the Hellenic Competition Commission for reconsideration. Following the evaluation and consideration of all the evidence in the case file, the Hellenic Competition Commission unanimously adopted Decision no. 550/VII/2012, considering that there is no reason for further action on its part and rejected the complaint under ref. no. 5008/7.8.2006.

Judicial Means Appeal.
Decisions by the Court of Appeal of Athens (Administrative Division) DEA (ACAA) 322/2015
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