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Decision 587/2014

 Decision on the prior notification of a concentration according to articles 5 - 10 of Law 3959/2011 by the companies "DAMCO ENERGY SA Company for the Development of Energy Projects - Provision of Consulting Services and Equipment"and"PPC SA" concerning the establishment of a jointlycontrolled company "PPC SOLAR SOLUTIONS SOCIETE ANONYME".

Decision 587/2014
File (PDF) Decision 587/2014
Date of Publication of Decision February 20th, 2014
Issue Number of Government Bulletin
Relevant Market

Sector of Photovoltaic systems and electricity

Subject of the Decision

Concentration of Businesses - Decision making on the notification by the companies "DAMCO ENERGY SA” and "PPC SA" for the establishment of a jointlycontrolledcompany named "PPC SOLAR SOLUTIONS SOCIETE ANONYME".

Legal Framework

Phase 1 (article 8 par. 3L. 3959/2011)

Operative part of the Decision


Notifying company/ies

1) DAMCO ENERGY SA Company for the Development of Energy Projects - Provision of Consulting Services and Equipment




Summary of Decision

On 3.10.2013, a merger was notified to the HCC, according to which the company under the name "DAMCO ENERGY SA Company for the Development of Energy Projects - Provision of Consulting Services and Equipment", and the distinctive title "DAMCO ENERGY" of Kopelouzos Group and the company "PUBLIC ELECTRICITY COMPANY (PPC) SA" establish a jointly controlled company under the name "PPC SOLAR SOLUTIONS SOCIETE ANONYME" with the distinctive title "PPC SOLAR SOLUTIONS SA".

2. The business activities of the companies concerned are:

1. PPC is a societe anonyme, founded in 1950 and is the largest company in the market for the supply and production of electricity in Greece. Its main activities are the extraction of lignite, the production of energy, the transmission of electricity (via its 100% subsidiary ADMIE), the distribution of electricity (via its 100% subsidiary DEDDIE), as well as electricity supply. In the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), PPC operates through its subsidiary "PPC Renewables SA", having a diversified portfolio of wind farms as well as small hydroelectric and photovoltaic stations. 

2. DAMCO ENERGY SAis a societe anonyme founded in 1997, by the transformation of the limited liability company "DAMCO HELLAS LTD" established in 1984. It belongs 100% to the Kopelouzos Group, with a wide range of activities and participation in power development projects, construction and operation of power plants (thermal, hydroelectric), construction of RES (wind, photovoltaic stations), development and operation of mines, sale or rental of power generating pairs, cogeneration units, development, operation and maintenance of real estate and, in general, development and operation of infrastructure projects. As a member of the Kopelouzos Group, it has also participated in the drafting of many technical and economic feasibility studies, environmental impact studies as well as in the design of various energy projects. 

3. PPC SOLAR SOLUTIONS SA will be active in the field of retail trade -through the development of a nationwide network of stores- which will have as its main object the trade, installation and maintenance of energy saving and production equipment of photovoltaic systems to residential roofs as well as related services, such as the drafting of feasibility studies, undertaking the licensing process for the installation and operation of such equipment,the insurance coverage and financing of this equipment, the study and / or supply and / or installation and / or maintenance of building automation systems, as well as systems for monitoring and measuring the efficiency of electricity generation technologies, the provision of holistic solutions with regard to the installation of and maintenance of technologies and systems for energy saving and production from RES in buildings, the provision of energy saving services, and the provision of any kind of service that will aim to serve the customers of PPC SA, and only.

The HCC in Plenary, unanimously approves according to article 8 par. 3 law 3959/2011, the notified concentration which refers to the establishment of a jointly controlled company “PPC Solar Solutions SA” by the companies “DAMCO ENERGY SA Company for the Development of Energy Projects - Provision of Consulting Services and Equipment"and"PPC SA", since this concentration does not cause serious doubts as to its compatibility with the operating requirements of competition in the relevant markets concerned.

Judicial Means Final. No judicial proceedings.
Decisions by the Court of Appeal of Athens (Administrative Division) -
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