The Promise of Computational Competition Law and Economics


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The Programme of the Conference

Computational Competition Law and Economics - Inception Report

Please press play in case the live video stream did not start automatically and make sure the audio is turned on.
The tele-confernce is public and can be watched by everyone visiting this page.
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Initial actions for participation in the Public Discussion

  • Initial actions: Entering Name

    Enter your name by clicking on the settings symbol (Chat Options) at the far right of the "Live Chat" banner and enter your name in the "Set custom name" field where you will save it by pressing the floppy disk symbol.

  • Participation in the Public Discussion
    In the Public Discussion Window you can submit questions or comments which will be displayed publicly to all participants.

  • Clarifications
    • The questions you submit to the public discussion room, as well as your comments, are recorded by the server of the Hellenic Competition Commission.
    • Your questions and comments will be read and answered in real time (live) by the conference panel.
    • Your comments and questions are displayed on the right side of the public discussion window and the rest on the left side. You can delete your comments at any time by clicking the corresponding delete symbol on each of your comments. The deletion is complete (deletion from the database of the HCC server.)
    • The Hellenic Competition Commission reserves the right to expel at any time from the public discussion, anyone who does not follow the rules of proper conduct during the discussion.


    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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