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Decision 669/2018

Decision on the Dispute Resolution Procedure, pursuant to Article 25(a) of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011 and the Commission's Decision 628/2018, following an ex officio investigation into the market for the distribution of printed press, regarding the possible violations of Articles 1 and 2 of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011 and Articles 101 and 102 of TFEU by the companies ARGOS S.A. and EUROPE S.A. 

Decision 669/2018
File (PDF) Decision 669/2018
Date of Publication of Decision October 11th, 2018
Issue Number of Government Bulletin  
Relevant Market Distribution of Printed Press
Proceedings Collusion
Legal Framework Article 1 and 25(a) of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011
Decision Violation - Dispute Resolution Procedure
Complainant Ex Officio Investigation



Summary of Decision

The Assembly of the Hellenic Competition Commission in Decision 669/2018, published during the simplified Dispute Resolution Procedure pursuant to article 25(a) of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011, as amended in Decision 628/2016 of the Hellenic Competition Commission, following a request put forth by the companies: a) EUROPE S.A. and b) ARGOS S.A. to commence the procedure, unanimously decided that the companies in question have violated national and community laws on competition, namely Article 1 of Greek Legislation 703/1977 (now Greek Competition Act 3959/2011) and Article 81 of the EC Treaty (now Article 101 TFEU) through their involvement in vertical collusions and/or concerted practices.

Specifically, based on the rationale of the decision, the two agencies were involved in anti-competitive collusions which constituted horizontal agreements and/or concerted practices with a view to agreeing a common trading and pricing policy (supplies), the restriciton of quanity of supply, the distribution of customers and the adulteration of competition in the press distribution market. For the violation, a fine of one hundred and fifty thousand Euros (€150,000) was imposed on EUROPE S.A. and a fine of three hundred and fifty thousand Euros (€350,000) was imposed on ARGOS S.A.

For their cooperation and concessions, the Competition Commission, reduced the fines imposed on each implicated company by 15%, pursuant to the relevant written provisions.
Judicial Means Final. Decision has not been appealed
Decisions by the Court of Appeal of Athens (Administrative Division) -
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