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Decision 657/2018

Decision on the ex officio investigation by the Directorate-General for Competition into the possible violations of Articles 1 and 2 of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011, as well as Articles 101 and 102 TFEU, by the company MINERVA S.A. with regards to its agreements.



Decision 657/2018
File (PDF) Decision 657/2018
Date of Publication of Decision April 24th, 2018
Issue Number of Government Bulletin  
Relevant Market Production and Sale of Margarine and Butter
Proceedings Collusion, Concerted Practice
Legal Framework Article 1 of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011
Decision Violation
Complainant  Ex Officio Investigation
Respondent  MINERVA S.A.
Summary of Decision

Upon an ex officio investigation by the Directorate-General for Competition into the sector for the production and sale of margarine and butter, the Hellenic Competition Commission, in plenary session, unanimously decided that “MINERVA S.A.” violated Article 1 of Greek Law 703/1977 (now Article 1 of the Greek Competition Act 3959/2011), as well as Article 101 TFEU, with its involvement in a prohibited vertical agreement with affiliated wholesalers/distributors involving resale price maintenance clauses, concerning the time frames from 1/3/1997 to 31/3/1998 as well as from 1/6/2003 to 31/5/2010.

The Commission: a) ordered MINERVA S.A. not to commit the aforementioned violation in the future, b) imposed, regarding the second time frame, a fine of three hundred and eighty-four thousand one hundred and six Euros and sixty-five cents (€384,106.65) and c) reserved its right to fine MINERVA S.A. with a fine of ten thousand Euros (€10,000) per day of non-compliance with the measures, beginning from the day of publication of the decision. 

Judicial Means Final. Decision has not been appealed
Decisions by the Court of Appeal of Athens (Administrative Division) -DEA_2403_2019
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