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Press release: Code of HCC Procedures

Subject: Code of HCC Procedures

The Hellenic Competition Commission (‘HCC’), in the context of enhancing transparency and its procedural effectiveness, is in the process of completing a Code of Procedures, with a view, inter alia, to simplifying procedures and providing more information to interested stakeholders ("users of its services") and citizens in general.

In the context of reviewing its procedures,with regard to the examination of anticompetitive practices (horizontal and vertical agreements, abuse of dominance), mergers as well as competition advocacy, the HCC sent online questionnaires to hundreds of interested stakeholders ("users of its services") in order to gather information based on their experience and views regarding the procedures before the HCC, aiming at receiving constructive comments on their part in order to improve these procedures in terms of reducing bureaucracy and increasing efficiency and transparency [of both the Directorate-General for Competition and the HCC].

In particular, the aforementioned online questionnaire covers the following areas: a) transparency and procedural effectiveness and b) communication and competition advocacy policy.

After the completion of the Code of Procedures in July 2020, the HCC will ‒for the first time‒publish an edition including the main chapters of the Code, in order to provide greater transparency regarding competition enforcement procedures. The Code of HCC Procedures will also be used as "input" for the artificial intelligence learning process in the robo-advising service which is developed by the HCC in order to be incorporated into its new platform addressed to interested stakeholders ("users of its services") and citizens, in general. This service (i.e. the first phase of the project), expected to be available on its website in the fall of 2020, is an important effort to integrate artificial intelligence technologies in the public sector in Greece.

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