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Press Release – Cooperation Βetween the HCC and the OECD

Subject: Cooperation Βetween the HCC and the OECD

In the context of the long-standing co-operation between the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) and the OECD, information exchange meetings took place in March and April between the HCC leadership team and OECD Regulatory Policy Division officials. During these meetings, the HCC presented to the OECD colleagues its ongoing work on the digital transformation of the authority, the simplification of its procedures, including the preparation and publication of a Manual of Procedures, the reform of its organizational structure so as to enhance inter-disciplinary collaboration, as well as its efforts to adopt best practices for HR management, and in particular the systems put in place in order to identify priorities and to manage tasks and collective projects. 

At the end of the meetings, and following a stimulating discussion, the HCC and the OECD’s Regulatory Policy Division officials noted that the reforms adopted by the HCC implement innovative good practices and may provide insights for public authorities in Greece as well as in other countries, order to improve public governance. 

The parties agreed to continue discussions and enhance their co-operation in the following fields of activity:

  • promoting modernization of public administration and the reform of public services and in particular enabling HCC to present its work and projects to other Greek Governmental services, and public administration services in other countries, as an example of simplification and modernization work,
  • promoting digital governance and greater transparency/simplification by enabling the development of user-oriented public services, in particular digital services for the public,
  • supporting the HCC’s effort to design Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are fit for its mission and to elaborate a new system of evaluation for its staff/different governance units. 

The President of the HCC, Ioannis Lianos, welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the OECD Regulatory Policy Division in this important endeavor, emphasizing the aim of the HCC to improve its effectiveness and impact, and to use new digital technologies in all aspects of its work, for the benefit of consumers, businesses and the economy overall.

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