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Press Release: Creativity Contest “Competition and Art”

Subject: Creativity Contest “Competition and Art”

The Hellenic Competition Commission, in its attempt to raise the public’s awareness with regards to the social benefits competition offers to the Greek economy and to effectively convey, particularly to the young generations, competition issues, has developed a new communication strategy to promote a culture of competition in Greece. To this end, the Competition Commission announces a creativity contest.

The aim of the contest is to choose the best Symbolic Figure and Video/Message, capable of promoting the principles of healthy free competition through the use of modern digital means.

The Figure, which will symbolize, incarnate and promote the Competition Commission’s fight against anti-competitive practices (especially cartels), to the benefit of companies and consumers, will be used to create comics, infographics and promotional advertisements which will convey the Commission’s work on safeguarding competition.   

The Video/Message, which will inform the public about competition issues and the significance of healthy free competition, with regards to entrepreneurship/innovation and development, as well as the society overall, will be uploaded on the Commission’s social network accounts as well as on television channels. 

The best entrance in each category will receive electronic devices of significant value. 

It is our desire to support young creators and artists, particularly in these challenging times, through this opportunity which will allow them to develop their imagination and creativity as well as to leave their mark on the Competition Commission’s new communication strategy, therefore helping to establish the foundations for a holistic promotion of a culture of competition in Greece.

Upon the conclusion of the contest and the announcement of the winners, an award ceremony will be held, during which the best creations in each category will be displayed. 

The contest is open to all (individuals as well as legal entities) and will run from Monday 20th July to Tuesday 10th November 2020. Entry is open to both individuals and groups.

The contest will run online and can be accessed via the website created by the Competition Commission specifically to this end. All relevant information, such as conditions and technical requirements, can be found at the following address:

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